Tutor Q&A

Q: How “Talentswire” charges tutor costs?
A: Under normal circumstances, we will charge the first two weeks of tuition fees as a tutorial introduction fee, the fee will be transferred after two weeks, by the parents directly to us. So the tutor should no longer receive the first two weeks of tuition fees from parents or students.
Assume that the students have class two days a week, every two hours, $ 100 per hour : charge = 2 × 2 weeks × 2 hours x $ 100 = $ 800.
Please note: the administrative costs charged to the subject class number in the commitment of parents and the Talentswire, even if the parent or tutor first two weeks of absences for any reason or change of tutorial time, the total number of its administrative costs and will not be impact. However, as a result of any circumstances make the number of lessons to increase or tutorial time increased, the total number of administrative costs will be adjusted accordingly, the mentor may not dissent.

Q: For the first class or meet with parents / students, I should bring what kind of information?
A: In the first class, instructors should bring along their identity cards for verification and Certificate, the college entrance examination certificates and other qualifications / qualification documents for the parents / students to check. In addition, you better brief your past teaching experience.

Q: “Talentswire” will only refer one case to tutor?
A:. We will continue to introduce students to the tutor as long as tutor’s  performance is satisfactory and have available time. If the tutor performed well, and even to invite long-term cooperation.

Q: What if the parents’ request to reduce a lesson in the first week, can I reduce the administrative costs?
A: The administrative costs will be calculated according to the initially agreed cost, rather than the date of the first two weeks of actual tutorial class of the number. Unless the parents decide the number of lessons in the future will be a permanent reduction, we will consider the expense deduction, otherwise only the date of the fee flexibility postponed and will not reduce costs.

Q: If I was unable to tutoring, I can find a friend / classmate substitute it?
A: In any case, the tutor should not find friends / classmates or other substitute. Tutor such as who are unable to tutorial, please let us know. Please do not make any decision to cancel the tutorial or find other persons substitute. Tutor if, because of their own to make any decisions (including, to cancel the tutorial / find the other person to substitute one or more section / with parents to make other arrangements / decrease in the number of lessons), must bear full responsibility.

Q: If tutorial location is not appropriate, can  I request termination of the tutorial?
A: Before confirmation, the tutor has the responsibility to search the maps  and confirm the locationl. We will continue to receive full administrative costs in accordance with the original agreement.

Q: What has verbally committed to accept tutorial and decided to abandon the case later, what should be done?
A: If the tutor decided to give up the case for any reason, after the tutor and staff verbally confirmed the case, the tutor still need to pay the tuition fees for first class as administrative expenses.

Q: If I cannot take the case after confirmation, still charge administrative costs?
A: The tutor before receiving case, the case content, time and place should be full understanding and commitment should also have been considered in detail. In addition, not even the parents / students have also spent a lot of resources and time to deal with and confirm, therefore, the principle of fairness, we still need to charge.

Q: The tutor was dismissed, how to calculate the administrative costs?
A: The tutor were dismissed within the first month, he/she has to pay half of tuition fee received. In addition, the tutor must call us within 48 hours, otherwise we need to pay in full the administrative expenses.

Q: If you have forgotten your registration name or password, how should I do?
A: The tutor can call or e-mail to contact us, we will arrange re-issued as soon as possible.

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