Tutor Fees

「Talentswire」charges are as follows:

Item Description Fees (HKD) Pay period
To become a member Free —-
Receive SMS alerts Free —-
Remind first lesson Free —-
Give up the case before verbal commitment Free* —-
Give up the case after verbal commitment(1) Tuition fee for first two weeks or Half of tuition fee for first month (Charge the higher) Within two weeks after the first working day
Tutor cancel the case has been accepted Tuition not yet start:tuition fee for first lessonTuition already started:original administration fee Within one week after cancellation
Parents or students terminate the tuition after commencement Half of tuition fee received(2) Within one week after termination
Parent terminate the case because of default behavior of tutor(3) Original administration fee Within one week after termination

If tutor give up the case after confirmation more than twice, his/her membership may be suspended.

“Half of first month” means half of 31 days starting from the first tuition.


(1)Confirmation means「Talentswire」staff and tutor confirmed the case explicitly over the phone or email.

(2)Minimum HKD $200

(3)Default behavior includes skip class, late for class, make irresponsible action(s), provide fake resume, frequently swap tuition time, etc

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